Establishing A Society That Is Free, Secure,
Peaceful, And Enduring  
Center for the Study of Societal Goals
( CSSG )
Perry D. Cohen, M.S. Ed., Founder, Dir.
CSSG is a non-profit, non-partisan, social research and advocacy organization.
We share and promote the vision and ultimate goal of a world wherein every
human being can realize their full potential while living in peace and harmony
with each other and with the planet that is our common home.

Importantly, we believe that
- for the first time in human history - we can  
accurately describe and envision such a world. And set this vision as a
We call such a vision,  with its inclusive goals, "Long-Range Societal Goals", or
"LRSG's". It envisions who and what we
ultimately wish to become.
We cannot overemphasize the importance of developing and then sharing a set
of common goals. It is essential to uniting our divided people behind a common
uplifting cause that they can
believe in and have confidence in. It would provide
a vision of a bright and optimistic future for all of us who so earnestly wish - and
need - to see one.  
Our approach is straight-forward: CSSG believes that through open public
discussion and rigorous debate,
such LRSG's can be agreed-upon and
established. Then, a rational and workable
plan for achieving those goals can
similarly be established.
benefits of establishing LRSG's, together with a plan for achieving them, are
many-fold, and will be discussed fully as we proceed.
Oue mission is to promote and facilitate understanding of such a vision and to
establish and achieve such ultimate goals.
We believe it is every person's right - as well as responsibility - to determine the
kind of society we truly wish to establish.
As always in a free and democratic society, this must begin wth free, open,
respectful discussion and debate.
Always following the path of truth. Wherever it may lead.
Your opinions and input are essential to this process, and are greatly valued.
It is YOUR future to decide! Let the discussion begin!
Understanding, Establishing, and Achieving
"Your life may be changed".
"You may change the lives of others."
(Est. 1995)
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